The Lamplighter has a total of five guest rooms, all of which have modern private baths with showers, air conditioning and cable televisions. Two of our rooms, The Renoir and The Monet, have their own Jacuzzis. The four rooms located on the second floor have Queen beds. The Monet, which is located on the first floor, has a King bed. Each room is unique and each room has become the favorite of repeating guests as a result of its particular characteristics. We have described them here to help you choose based on your own needs.

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crosby fireplace Room The Crosby Fireplace Room
$160 per night
Named after the original owners of the home, Dr, and Mrs. Crosby, this room has the original tiled fireplace and the original zinc camed windows. A built in bookcase hosts a splendid collection for reading and browsing, and a small French writing desk sits in front of the corner window, providing the perfect place to set up your laptop or write in your journal while enjoying the view of the Avenue and the Western sky. The Crosby bathroom has recently been remodeled and enlarged and has a beautiful new ceramic tile shower.


The Rose Room

$145 per night

rose room
Dedicated to the last of the great French Salon painters, William Bouguereau, the Rose Room features reproductions of many of his romantic and idyllic images of country life. The original zinc camed window over the four poster bed sheds a soft light over rose themed wallpaper and bedding-creating a charming retreat from the hard edges and hectic pace of modern life. Start the morning and end your day in a bed a roses. Monsieur Bouguereau would certainly approve.

cassatt room The Cassatt Room
$135 per night
The Cassatt room is bright and airy, as were her paintings. That dark portrait of her over the bed was painted by her then lover, Degas. Anyone looking at her paintings and his, however, could quickly see they could never make it as a couple. The smallest of our rooms, it is tucked away on the Emily Street side of the house, away from the traffic noise of the Avenue. The bathroom in this room is also quite spacious, and it is therefore a favorite with some of our regular guests.

The Renoir Room
$180 per night
renoir room
Ah Renoir! What better choice for our honeymoon suite! Innkeeper Jane Carpenter's favorite artist of all time, Renoir was bold in his use of color and passionate in his pursuit of life and beauty. It is a spacious room with a spacious bath and large Jacuzzi tub (complete with bride and groom rubber duckies!). Located on the East side of the house, the room overlooks the garden and gazebo. The perfect setting for celebrating a special occasion or just a relaxed romantic getaway.

monet room The Monet Room
$180 per night
Our only first floor room, the Monet Room boasts a King bed. (Though Monet was quite small and probably would not have needed it!) Colors here are soft and muted, as were many of his most loved paintings. The room looks out onto the garden, so we think it would have definitely been his room of choice. The Jacuzzi tub has a marble tile surround that makes a convenient perch for wine glasses a bottle of bubbly!